World premiere: “Buakaw-Boxer,Legend,Legacy” documentary.

World premiere: “Buakaw-Boxer,Legend,Legacy” documentary.

Roberto and Buakaw

Roberto “Muay Farang” Manager and Buakaw

Muay Farang presents the World premiere of the movie about Buakaw: “Buakaw-Boxer,Legend,Legacy”:


Buakaw Banchamek

“I really did not expect to become the Champion.

I just wanted to represent my country, Thailand, with honour.”

Those are the words that Sombat Banchamek, best known as “Buakaw”, uses to describe the day that changed his life.

bk masato

Masato vs buakaw @ K-1 Final

As a boy he started to practice the Thai natiol sport, Muay Thai, he won his first fight and he continued to fight up to July 2004, when he shocked the world winning  the “K1 Max World “.

Mathias e Buakaw

Mathias Gallo Cassarino and Buakaw

Two years later, he repeated this success.
He started as one of the many and today he’s the most famous Nak Muay(fighter) of the World.

“Buakaw-Boxer,Legend,Legacy” docuentary brings you closer, as ever to the nationl hero of Thailand.

Guides the audience in a fascinating trip: the meticulous training, the opponents defeated on the ring – mixed with the simplicity of his life like the harvest of rice, at his house in a rural village.

A look back on his past victories and then a look at hte present.

Buakaw as a boxer, trainer and owner of his camp and a family person. A prospective for the future.

What happends after fighting the last battle? “……….”

The movie is 47 min long. It was filmed in Surin, Bangkok and in some events to wich Buakaw participated.

It will be available to buy in Full HD.

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“Buakaw-Boxer,Legend,Legacy” :