Buakaw vs Yodsanklai: will it happen?

Buakaw vs Yodsanklai: will it happen?

From many years there are rumors about a fight that everyone wants to see, from the wild-eyed fans to the worlds promoters, we are talking about: Buakaw Banchamek vs Yodsanklai Fairtex.

Even if in the last 10 years, but mostly in the last 5, Muay Thai has exponentially expanded into the world, from the famous worldwide events and professional fighters to the fans, unfortunately it still hasn’t reached notoriety levels such as the Kickboxing, MMA & American Boxing, where TOP athletes can get paid up to millions of dollars for a single fight.

Even if’s very obvious that a fight like the one of Buakaw vs Yodsanklai could be viewed by millions of worldwide fans and could get a virtually free media advertising, the fight still didn’t happen; from many years we hear rumors about this fight, and the last one was almost a year ago, which stated that the fight would have taken place at Kunlun Fight.

We want to remind you another well attended fight of the last years, the one of Yodsanklai vs Kem Sitsongpeenong, where Kem lost by KO. Today the fight for the public is Yodsanklai vs Buakaw, even if Buakaw doesn’t face a good Thai opponent from almost 10 years and Yodsanklai has not stopped winning since 2012; beside Giorgio Petrosyan only Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong could beat him.

An internal source of the Chinese combat sports organization of Kunlun Fight has revealed to MuayFarang.com press that the fight will take place over a period of 1 year; recently the organization has released a post on one of their Facebook pages:

The post is meant to increase the interest on this future fight between the these 2 legends.

We hope that that the fight will really take place in a year, even because after a very long career (with almost over 400 fights) Buakaw is starting to feel his not very young age.

Chok Dee