Buakaw abandons K1 ring and Kehl is the new K-1 Max Champion.

Buakaw abandons K1 ring and Kehl is the new K-1 Max Champion.

K1 Buakaw  Enriko Kehl  (1)A very cold night which starts with the speaker announcing that: “Many thought this event wouldn’t be possible, but here we are”. the audience was quite small for the big athletic stadium but above average compared to the 2 Muay Thai stadiums in Pattaya.
Buakaw this time did really little in terms of K1 scoring, many throws but not enough shot landed. Kehl hit different times Buakaw’s face and honestly the draw at the end of the 3 rounds was correct but unexpectedly Buakaw left the ring before the verdict and didn’t show up for the extra round, therefore, leaving the belt to the german.

Needless to say, the Thai audience didn’t appreciate the verdict and that the judges were “farang”. Maybe for once thais understood how foreingers feel in Thailand being judged only by Thai officials.

In the dressing rooms, Muay Farang’s manager Roberto Gallo Cassarino congratulated Enriko Kehl but we couldn’t find out what is in his mind.
K1 Buakaw  Enriko Kehl  (4)
Amongst the other few well known fighter in the show: Andrei Kulebin loses by points at extra round against young Lee Sung-Hyun from Korea, and Rungravee Sasiprapa beats big hearted Canadian, Denic Puric from Banchamek Gym. Rumors between the presents of a rematch against Muay Farang Team captain Mathias Gallo Cassarino.
Chock Dee

K1 Buakaw  Enriko Kehl  (3)

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