Buakaw presents Super Muay event on WorkPoint TV

Buakaw presents Super Muay event on WorkPoint TV

This new circuit has entered the TV scene on 7th November, when the Spanish champion Carlos Coello Canales, who currently trains out out 7MuayThai Gym (News), fought in the heart of the event: the 4men tournament.
Carlos impressed the TV audience with an extraordinary jump knee KO, which  is showed in the promo video that is getting a lot of hits online:


carlos coello canales roberto gallo cassarino muay farangA giant picture of Muay Farang’s athlete is placed at the studio’s entrance.
Buakaw is putting his face for Super Muay Thai, and already represents an audience guarantee.
In fact, even though he’s less active as a fighter compared to the K1-max times in Japan, his popularity is always growing more in Thailand and around the World.
Mr. Yim, Buakaw’s manager, is the coordinator of the event; we can see him in this picture on the rightsuper-muay-thai-promoters-buakaw-mr-yim-mr-mattew-thai-fight enjoying the event next to Buakaw and Mr. Matthew, who you would surely recognize as he is Thai Fight’s announcer as well as one of the most famous Thai actors.
The main goal of the organization is to select the best Muay Thai fighters, and last 14th November, Buakaw personally introduced live some of the first choices, these Nak Muays, on the 5th and 12th December will be part (along with Buakaw) of two events, which have the goal to be some of the best in Thailand. Will they be?

We’ll find out soon enough on Thai TV channel Workpoint 1.

Only one non-Thai fighter, was spotted between the athletes selected for the two TOP events of 5th and 12th December: Italy’s pride Mathias Gallo Cassarino of 7MuayThai Gym.
The organization announced that the best fighters coming from every corner of the world will be selected to compete at Super Muay Thai, thanks to an agreement with Thai Airways.
The event will have a weekly schedule: every Saturday from 4PM to 6PM. Held in the stadium built inside of WorkPoint studios in Rangsit, Bangkok.
Chok Dee

Picture Credits: Extreme Shots