Em Muay Farang talks about his fight experience in Japan against Hideki Soga

Em Muay Farang talks about his fight experience in Japan against Hideki Soga

Direct News from Sitjemam / Muay Farang North Thailand (Emmanuele Corti) press agency:

emmanuele-corti-em-muay-farang-hideki-soga-korakuen-hall-tokyo-warriors-15-sitjemam-11-1-15 (2)On 11th January 2015 in a full Korakuen Hall (Tokyo), took place the well attended event “Warriors 15“, that featured as main event the fight between Emmanuele Corti aka Em Muay Farang (IT) and the local idol and WTKA world champion Hideki Soga (61,5 kg).
The fight was under Muay Thai rules (3×3) plus an eventual 4th extra round, with also some limits with the clinching and featuring 6oz gloves.

Em started in a great way by inflicting low kicks and elbows that marked his opponent’s face, who eventually answered back with strong punches.

At the end of the first round (2.53 min), Em was hit on his face with a strong right punch and the referee waved him off, maybe a bit too fast, without leaving any chance to the Italian fighter to keep fighting, even though he got up straight after.
A big remorse for Em’s corner, who showed that he could continue and also disappointment for the audience who was enjoying this great fight.

Anyway, full confidence in the Japanese referee’s good faith, and great sportsmanship by both athletes, who after the fight greeted each other friendly in the dressing rooms of the stadium and showed how every fight should end.

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