First Italian ranked at Lumpinee: Mathias Gallo Cassarino

First Italian ranked at Lumpinee: Mathias Gallo Cassarino

Mathias vs. Mongkolphet Dabpong 191 24-2-18 (6)

Mathias Gallo Cassarino fighting under the name “Mathias 7MuayThaiGym”-camp that he co-founded last fall 2014- has become the first Italian and one of the very few ‘farang’ fighters to be ranked at prestigious Bangkok’s Lumpinee Stadium.Screenshot 2018-03-17 00.05.30

Let’s have a look at Mathias’s career at Lumpinee Stadium: after his debut at just 18 years of age, in 2012 he conquered 4 consecutives victories in 4 months when the stadium was still located at its original premises, with his biggest accomplishments the victory against the Japanese Yukiya Nakamura and the one in main event live on Thai TV Channel 5 on Dec 15th 2012.

Following this fight, after less than 2 weeks, Mathias gave it all to bring home the WBC inter. Muay Thai belt.

In not even 5 months, he had 5 hard fights collecting 5 consecutive victories but one bad news came along: a small fracture on his foot that forced Mathias to stop and forfeit an upcoming fight. Lumpinee’s management decided then to strictly follow the rules denying Mathias to take part at any future promotions held at the stadium.

Mathias Gallo Cassarino Lumpinee RankingMathias, out of Lumpinee, scored then many convincing performances in top events in Thailand and around the world pushing the stadium’s management in calling him back for a fight on June 6, 2015 to replace a fighter in the 64kg category.

The offer was not negotiable and so, even though Mathias usually fights in the 62kg, he decided to accept the fight at those conditions.

The odds were all against Mathias: he had little time to prepare for the fight, the weight category was too heavy and his opponent, a young and skilled Thai fighting under the name Mongkol Kor.Kampanaj aka Fhaipikhat was given favourite by the gamblers.

The bout was set as main event of the afternoon event, preceding the more important promotion of the night where Mathias performed in the main event during 2012.

This match up was seeming to be a test to see if Mathias had the necessary humility that is trademark of every great champion, and if he was able start again from scratches.

Muay Thai and particularly Lumpinee can give hard times, not much money in contrast to many sacrifices, but Mathias is stubborn and this opportunity gave him the right motivation to prove himself once again.

Mathias, who was used to the big crowds and atmosphere of old Lumpinee was a bit switched off by the new settings.

On the other side he was also conscious same as he told to his father and manager, that for Lumpinee everyone needs to start from somewhere, and he was ready to take the challenge.

Lumpinee ranking 2018Thanks to his new co-manager Mr. Numnoi on the year 2017, and now on 2018, Mathias 7 Muay Thai Gym has already given his fans some convincing wins at Lumpinee on the Top promoter’s event, Kiatpetch, with his last performance of 2017 awarded as most exciting fight of the year by SMMsport.

Nowadays Mathias can be somehow seen as ‘”The Great Italian Hope“. The dream of Italy to climb the top of the Muay Thai world and at the same time inspiring other young Italians and ‘farang’ to follow his steps and, if possible, do even better!