Results & Video: Weight-class switching and other interesting match-ups at Glory – Sittichai, Thongchai, Van Roosmalen, Salvador etc.

Results & Video: Weight-class switching and other interesting match-ups at Glory – Sittichai, Thongchai, Van Roosmalen, Salvador etc.


A few changes were made to the Glory 35 fight card from since we first published it. First, Sittichai Sit2PN’s fight with Marat Grigorian was postponed to Glory 36 in December, therefore, Thai “yod muay” Petchpanomrung Kiatmoo9 was to defend Thailand’s pride and to make his Kickboxing rules debut, after he signed his contract with Glory Kickboxing a few month back. As you can see from the video below, he put un an amazing performance and adapted his Muay Thai “fee meu” style very well to the Glory rules.
Another change was that Josh Jauncey did not fight Dylan Salvador, but Christian Baya instead.

Below the full results of Glory 35 – Nice:

Petchpanomrung Kiatmoo9 won by decision vs Stanislav Renita

(Glory Light Heavyweight title) Artem Vakhitov won by TKO R2 vs Zack Mwekassa 

Josh Jauncey lost by decision vs Christian Baya

(heavyweight tournament semifinal 1Jahfarr Wilnis lost by KO R1 vs Mladen Brestovac

(heavyweight tournament semifinal 2Benjamin Adegbuyi won by decision vs Hesdy Gerges

(heavyweight tournament final) Benjamin Adegbuyi won by decision vs Mladen Brestovac

Zinedine Hameur-Lain lost by TKO R1 vs Pavel Zhuravlev

Amel Dehby won by decision vs Ji-Waen Lee

Nicholas Wamba won by decision vs Nordine Mahieddine

Karim Benmansour won by decision vs Eyevan Danenberg

Cedric Castagna won by decision va Vang Moua


Previous Update from October 22nd:

Results: Glory 34 Denver 

(main eventNieky Holzken won by decision vs Murthel Groenhart (Video)

(co-main eventGabriel Varga lost by TKO R4 vs Robin Van Roosmalen (video)

Casey Greene lost by KO R2 vs Tongchai Sitsongpeenong (video)

Dustin Jacoby lost by TKO R2 vs Simon Marcus (video)

(middleweight tournament semifinal 1Yousri Belgaroui won by decision vs Alex Pereira

(middleweight tournament semifinal 2Israel Adesanya won by decision vs Robert Thomas

(middleweight tournament final) Israel Adesanya won by decision vs Yousri Belgaroui 

Richard Abraham won by decision vs Michael Mathatha

Saulo Cavalari won by decision vs Brian Douwes

Justin Houghton won by decision vs Jonathon Wyderko

Danny Mitchell won by decision vs  Joe Rodriguez

LT Nelson won by TKO R3 vs Justin Moss

Dan Wilson won by decision Carl Rogers

Sean Madden won by decision Will Baisley

Michael Abad Santos won by decision vs Noufel Al Kasri


Original article from October 16th:

Holzken vs Groenhart glory 34The next two Glory Kickboxing events will be Glory 34 in Denver (USA) and Glory 35 in Nice (France).

Glory 34 will be held on Friday 21 October 2016 at 1st Bank Center in Denver, Colorado.
The main event will be an all-Dutch trilogy Glory Welterweight World Title fight between reigning champion Nieky Holzken and Murthel Groenhart, who, after various attempts at the lightweight belt, he went up a weight class, won the contender tournament and now he is looking to achieve his ultimate goal.
Varga vs Roosmalen glory 34The co-main event of the evening will be a very interesting Glory Featherweight World Title fight between Canadian reigning champ Gabriel Varga and former Lightweight champ Robin Van Roosmalen, who recently lost his title against Sittichai and is going down a weight class; surprising fact, since there is 6 kg difference between Featherweight (64 kg) and Lightweight (70 kg). It will be thrilling to see how RVR will do at this weight.
Also to be noted in this upcoming event is the Glory debut of Tongchai Sitsongpeenong, after signing to the promotion a few months back; he will face Casey Greene in his second Kickboxing fight.

Glory 35 will be held on Saturday 5th November 2016 at Palais Nikaia in Nice, France.
The main event will be Sittichai Sit2PN‘s first Lightweight Title defense against Marat Grigorian; this will also be an exciting trilogy, as the pair fought twice in the past and the Thai came out victorious in both occasions.

Another fight to keep in mind for Muay Thai fans is the one between Dylan Salvador, who recently fought Buakaw, and young Canadian Josh Jauncey, who has put up decent performances against stars like Sittichai and Giorgio Petrosyan.


Glory 34 Denver

(main eventNieky Holzken vs Murthel Groenhart

(co-main eventGabriel Varga vs Robin Van Roosmalen

(middleweight tournament semifinal 1) Yousri Belgaroui vs Alex Pereira

(middleweight tournament semifinal 2) Israel Adesanya vs Robert Thomas

Casey Greene vs Tongchai Sitsongpeenong

Richard Abraham vs Michael Mathatha

Saulo Cavalari vs Brian Douwes

Justin Houghton vs TBA

Dustin Jacoby vs TBA

Glory 35 Nice

(main eventSittichai Sitsongpeenong vs Marat Grigorian

(co-main eventArtem Vakhitov vs Zack Mwekassa

(heavyweight tournament semifinal 1Jahfarr Wilnis vs Mladen Brestovac

(heavyweight tournament semifinal 2Benjamin Adegbuyi vs Hesdy Gerges

Josh Jauncey vs Dylan Salvador

Zinedine Hameur-Lain vs Pavel Zhuravlev

Amel Dehby vs Ji-Waen Lee

Nicholas Wamba vs Nordine Mahieddine

Karim Benmansour vs Eyevan Danenberg

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