Big names at Golden Glory 10 Los Angeles – September 28

Big names at Golden Glory 10 Los Angeles – September 28

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While waiting that the Champion of the Champions Giorgio Petrosyan (ITA) will be back on the ring on November 9 at Madison S.G. the managment of Glory 10 will bring on the prestigious ring of Los Angeles many good/big names of Kick Boxing.

The event will be characterized by the 4 man torunament “Middle weight Championship Tournament” with famous names in the world of full Muay Thai rules. In fact, Levin vs Wakeling, for example, was a  Muay Thai fight that lefted everyone dissatisfied (video). Now we’ll see who will prevail in Kick Boxing.
Levin Artem (RUS) vs jason Wilnis (NLD) and Stephen Wakeling (UK) vs. Joe Schilling (U.S.).

Also will challenge other big names in the Superfight, here is the complete list:

Murthel Groenhart vs. David Kiria

Jérôme Le Banner vs Sergei Kharitonov

Robin van Roosmalen vs Shemsi Beqiri

Wayne Barrett vs. Kengo Shimizu

Brian Collette vs Randy Blake

Brice Guidon vs. Jahfarr Wilnis

Andy Ristie vs Sanny Dahlbeck

Aleksandr Stetcurenko vs Karapet Karapetyan

Albert Kraus vs Jordan Watson

Johann Fauveau vs Hinata

Big challenge for Jordan Watson who has recently faced Sittichai Sitsongpeenong at the Max Muay Thai China (see news).

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