Interview to the new mother: Elisa Qualizza

Interview to the new mother: Elisa Qualizza

MF: You were still breastfeeding when your Master Lucio Collovigh proposed you to fight in Kunlun Fight 9: Legend of Mulah Tournament in China. The tournament was under fight rules that aren’t your sepcialty,  what did you think at that moment? Have you been tempted to say “no thanks”? What helped you to say ‘yes’?

Elisa: Yes I’m a mother of an 11 months old girl. I went in China when she was just 10 months old and i was still breastfeeding her, she stayed with her grandmother, and so she had to adapt without my milk! 

 I interrupted my career just during the pregnancy! Just 15 days after I gave birth to her, on 29th September 2013, i started to train, because I had a fight in program on 2nd of November for the defense of my World Title, but especially because I missed training and the Ring. With some organization with my Master, who was keeping my daughter in the gym while I was training, I could do my 4 hours daily training.

When my Master proposed me this fight, naturally the first thing I thought was how I could do it with with a small baby, but after i thought that I was going to be away just for few days (I thought 4 days max) and the baby could have stayed with her grandparents.

I accepted because I never had the opportunity to partecipate in a such unique event and also because I fight since I was 13  (now I am 26), first in light contact then in full contact, so I thought it was that it was going to be an opportunity with a capital O. 

When it was time to leave, it was very difficult to leave in the middle of the night while she was sleeping, and the next day she would wake up without seeing me… It was also difficult in China where I felt her absence and I was crying during the nights. The day before the fight my Master got angry because at 3AM I was still awake thinking about my baby and crying for her.

But surely this isn’t a reason to stop fighting, because this is my passion and next time she will come with me!

MF: You come from Full Contact and we know you won every fight in that discipline, right? 

Do You think about changing to Muay Thai, and if yes (we wish), how and when?

Yes, I come from Full Contact discipline and I won all of most important titles: 2 European Pro Titles, 5 World Pro Titles (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014); in 2013 didn’t fight for the Title because I was pregnant.

From now on i will dedicate myself to K-1 and Muay Thai, because in full Contact I think there’s no future and there are no more opponents to faceI’ve been training K1 Rules for 1 year now, and i will start Muay Thai asap. I’ve trained many times in Thailand with my coach.

MF: Few days ago You fought in Kunlun Fight 9: the Legend of Mulah, a very important event in China (you were selected by Fight 1 and promoted by Muay Farang), what do you think about this experience?

Yes, I just fought in Kunlun Fight 9: The Legend of Mulah, and I think that it was a great event with an excellent organization in an amazing place.  I had never seen an event like this before.  If I had the oppurtunity to fight Shevchenko in the final, the result could have been different; even if I think she is an excellent fighter, I think I could have defeated her or at least do better. Another thing I want to mention is that I was expecting to see more quoted athletes because of the greatness of this event, no doubt about Shevchenko and Mazepa, but the others, in my opinion weren’t at the same level. 

In my career I have fought against much stronger fighters  (i.e.: Veronica Vernocchi). In sum, a really great and beautiful show, but not all participants were at the right level to fight in this event.

MF: What do you think about your opponent, the IFMA multilple champion Valentina Shevchenko, who won the final and Kunlun Title?

I think she is a great athlete and a smart fighter, but I think that if I was more mentally focused on the fight I could have won. I was lacking concentration and not moving fast enough on the ring, because I was missing my baby girl, and also because I lost 5 Kg in 1 month ( I was 62 and I made 57 Kg at the checkweight, but I had at least 2 Kg of milk in my breast) so all these facts influeced my fight!). I am sorry to have dissapointed my fan, who were waiting to see the real “Iena (hyena)” . I could have done better and maybe even defeat her.  If it’s possible, I would like to fight against her again! And I would would like to participate in this even again next year, to prove to Muay Farang’s manager Roberto Gallo Cassarino and the World, how I usually fight and to show what I can really do. Of course next time my baby will be with me!

MF: Do you think this match was the most difficult of your career? 

Elisa: I don’t think it was the most difficult fight of my carrier. In this last match I was not there with my mind, I didn’t do much! But my opponent (Shevchenko) also didn’t do her best.  I watched my fight again and it looks like we were both afraid of each other.  I was angry because I could not show what I’m able to do and what I really am. I’m even more angry because I think about all the sacrifices I made, all the time spent training, and the time I lost with my baby. I can say at least, I fought all 3 rounds, while Shevchenko’s other opponents lost by KO. One of my most difficult matches was with Veronika Vernocchi, who I consider a great fighter.

MF: What are your plans for the future? 

Elisa: In the future I want to fight and win in K-1 and Muay Thai disciplines!

MF: Do you think, in the future, your baby girl will be also a fighter like you? 

Elisa: I hope that also my baby will have a passion for Sports (especially for our sport), because I think that it gives a lot of gratification and makes your body and mind very strong!  Anyway it is up to her what she will choose.  Of course if she will follow my path I will be very happy, however, as a mother I will always be  worried that she will get hurt! 

MF: Lets do some gossip, is it true that you want to challenge Irina Mazepa (Russia)?

I would like to fight her because she fought in the tornament (Kunlun) final.  I think she was lucky for the favorable draw. I think she faced not strong opponents, and she lost by KO first round against Shevchenko. I think I can win Irina by KO at 2nd round.

MF: Thank you very much for the interview from all our readers of Muay Farang News and we all hope to see you again in Thailand in our new Camp to train together!

Chok Dee