Miriam Sabot promoted by Muay Farang at Z1 8th Edition Royal Cup

Miriam Sabot promoted by Muay Farang at Z1 8th Edition Royal Cup

miriam sabot vs dilar yoloiz z1 female championship kuala lumpur muay farang muay thaiMiriam Sabot has been living in Thailand for a few years. She comes from one of the most prestigious gyms in Italy: Team Satori in Gorizia (Italy), which produced great champions such as Giorgio and Armen Petrosyan.

During her career, Miriam has shared the ring with great opponents such as Chommanee Taehiran, who’s recent performance was decisive in the victort of the Thai team against the Italian team at ‘The Circle’ (News); as well as world champion Sayfaa Sor. Suparut and the Dutch Marloes Muay farang.

This time, Miriam Muay Farang will defend Muay Farang’s flag in Malaysia at the prestigious event Z1, but both Muay Farang’s Manager and Miriam, want to clarify that there are no agreements ongoing after this fight and the main goal is to bring home the prestigious ‘ Z1 Female Champion‘ belt, now held by the German Dilara Yildiz.

The event will take place at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (News). Even though women ages can’t be told, Miriam isn’t such a young girl and for her, time is a very valuable thing and important factor. We asked Roberto Gallo Cassarino (Muay Farang’s Manaher), what he thinks about this agreement and he said:

“Miriam and Mathias met in Gorizia. For various reasons she decided to always be promoted by Thai managers or even worst by herself, and in my opinion she has done a lot for Muay Thai but got back very little. I dont care if she will or not stay with us, because she’s a serious woman who makes sacrifices, maybe this is the reason why she never pledged to take a commitment, because she feard to not be able to respect it fully. We should have more athletes like her Would, maybe with half of the years it would be even better! But nothung is perfect and I made everything possible to give Miriam a chance to win an important belt, that she really deserves. Winning this belt depends only on her, and this time she has to remember that she will be fighting for a Team and not only for herself, and that night, even though she won’t see us there, we will be with her anyway, Chok dee”.

We asked Miriam how she feels to go on the ring wearing Muay Farang’s colors and what she thinks about this agreement with MF to fight at Z1 and she said:

“Since I have been living in Thailand (more than 1 and half years), I had many great opportunities and I fought in various important events. For this I owe a lot to

my gym in Chiang Mai, but in this occasion i will wear Muay Farang’s colors.

A great opportunity to compete for a belt came to me, and would be madness to not accept it. And so i will go on the ring with all my will to win, hoping to follow Mathias’s  footsteps, a great person in and outside the ring. Then we’ll see.”

Chok Dee



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