The Muay Thai Legends:  Jomhod Kiatadisak

The Muay Thai Legends: Jomhod Kiatadisak

Jomhod Kiatsidak by Muay Farang (4)Fighting Name: Jomhod Kiatadisak (King of the Ring)

Born:  5th July 1970

Started Muay Thai: 1977-1978

Ended Muay Thai: 2013


  • 2011 W.M.C. Muay Thai World Champion -76.2 kg
  • 2004 W.M.C. Muay Thai World Champion -72.6 kg
  • 2003 I.S.K.A. Muay Thai World Champion -69.8 kg
  • 2002 W.P.K.L. Muay Thai World Champion -69.8 kg
  • 2002 I.S.K.A. Muay Thai World Champion -69.8 kg
  • 2001 W.P.K.A. Muay Thai World Champion -69.8 kg
  • 2000 W.K.N. Muay Thai World Champion -72.6 kg
  • 2000 W.P.K.L Muay Thai World Champion -69.8 kg
  • 2000 W.M.C. Muay Thai World Champion -69.8 kg
  • 2000 Muay Thai Champions League Tournament Champion -70 kg
  • 1998 I.S.K.A. Muay Thai World Champion -66.7 kg
  • 1998 W.K.A. Muay Thai World Champion -67 kg
  • 1998 I.K.B.F. Kickboxing World Champion -66.68 kg
  • 1996 W.M.T.A. Muay Thai World Champion -67 kg
  • 1995 Rajadamnern Stadium Champion -67 kg
  • 1994 Rajadamnern Stadium -63.5 kg
  • 1991 W.M.T.C. Muay Thai World Champion -67 kg
  • 1989 Lumpinee Stadium Champion -63.5 kg
  • 1986 South Thailand Champion -59.6 kg


Jomhod Kiatsidak by Muay Farang (5)Jomhod was born in Jamlong Thotthing (Phang Na province) in South Thailand, near Phuket.

He started the profession of Muay Thai when he was 7 (he was training at Kiatadisak Gym in Panganga) and when he was 11 he won his first fight in Phuket where he won 200 Baht.

When he was 16 (1986) Jomhod won his first Title: Southern Thailand Champion 59.6kg and after he moved in Bangkok.

In 1989 he started fighting at Lumpinee Stadium. At 18 years old and after he fought 17 times in the “Mecca” of Muay Thai, jomhod won the Lumpinee 63.5kg Title. In 1994 he also won the Rajadamnern Stadium 63.5kg Title and the year after he won the 67kg Title.

In 1996 Jomhod faced the Muay Thai Legend: Ramon Dekkers. An exciting fight, won on points by Jomhod.

Jomhod lived for 11 years (from 1995 to 2006) in Finland fighting all over Europe (Muay Thai and Kickboxing styles). In 2006 he went back to live in Thailand and became del J.Prapa’s Gym (Phuket) “Head Coach”.

Jomhod Kiatsidak by Muay Farang (7)In 2006 Jomhod faced an other Muay Thai Legend (in a K-1 fight rules): Buakaw Banchamek (at the time: Por Pramuk), losing by KO (liver punch) as you can see in the video.

In the last years Jomhod opened his own gym (Jomhod Muay Thai) at Nai yang Beach (near Phuket’s airport).

Despite his age, in the last years Jomhod faced two times the Legend Somrak Kamsing. The first fight, that was held at Lumpinee Stadium on 7th December 2012, was won on points by Jomhod (News). The second fight, that was held at Rajadamnern Stadium on Febraury 2013, Somrak won the fight on points.


Historic fights:

Sakmongkol vs Jomhod by HLbyColargol


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