K-1 for the first time Amateur!

K-1 for the first time Amateur!

k-1-open.-amateur-championship-by-Muay-Farang-NewsFor the first time ever the K-1 Amateur Championship (Open World Championships) that will take place at Soccerdome 02 in London (UK) from the 13th to 14th of Semptember 2014.

Muay Farang’s Manager considers that this is an intelligent move by  K-1 company, open to every fighters from every federation in order to attract more talents to K-1 combat style.

Even if today K-1 lost alot the public interest that it had during its golden age,it still remains an historic tournament in which competed (in Japan) many of the strongest fighters in the World, like: Buakaw Banchamek, Andy Souwer, Giorgio Petrosyan, Masato, Albert Kraus, Badr Hari and many others.

In this tournament  every kind of martial artist of every age and sex are welcome.

For more info contact: k1worldopen@gmail.com – www.k-1.tv

Chok Dee