Muay Farang visit Kem Muay Thai GYM at Khao Yai Thiang

Muay Farang visit Kem Muay Thai GYM at Khao Yai Thiang

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Kem – Mathias – Ajarn Laem

It’s a long way from Pattaya, 4 hours the highway and then driving slowly for almost 30 minutes on a rough mountain road, but it is definitely worth it and you can tell immediately upon arrival.

Luckily Ajarn Laem screamed when he saw us try past the camp, otherwise we wouldn’t have found it. The camp is immersed in a natural paradise. It’s rare to see cars, but it’s easy to see horses, tractors, cows, sheeps and a beautiful vegetation that satisfies eyes and lungs. In fact, the camp is located on a hill 650 meters above sea level. During the day there’s a chillrd weather that becomes cold during the night, we left thr wet hot climatre in the polluted and urban camps of Pattaya and Bangkok.

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The owner of the camp, and camp brother of Muay Farang Captain Mathias, Kem Sitsongpeenong gave us a warm but discreet, no-frills welcome, just like his fighting style, simple but extremely effective. The fact of having Ajarn Laem here was a big incentive for us and the training organization is very professional.

The camp is open to everyone, but we figured out that only few ‘farangs’ can survive here for a long period. The camp is well attended, in fact beside Kem (owner), also the young Lumpinee & Omnoi champion permanently trains here: Yodwicha, who’s only 18 and has already beated the legend Saenchai and recently defeated again Petboonchu (they fought 5-6 times already); also the Thai champion Berneung, one of the over 70kg Thai nak muays who fight in the big international events.

Kem Muay Thai GYM - Kem Sitsongpeenong (13)Occasionally we can also spot the former Lumpinee champion Tongchai Sitsongpeenong, who recently defeated by TKO Youssef Bougamen in France.

The training starts at 6.30AM in the morning, because earlier there’s a mist and anyway at 6.30AM is very cold for those who are used to the warm temperatures of sea sided or urban places like us. Ajarn Laem is the first one to get up and wakes everyone up,then he follows the fighters on his scooter, who run around 10-12km on the hills. A very good thing is the air, that is much more breathable then in the cities and also the absence of humidity, that helps to overcome fatigue.
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The morning training includes Pad work, sparring and strengthening exercises and ends around 9AM; a quick shower then there’s the breakfast/lunch on the resort’s terrace, featuring a fantastic view.

The afternoon training is more completend with 20 or more minutes of clinching, various rounds of hitting pads, the program often changes between fighters and it is set by Ajarn Laem & Kru Jo. The evening ends with the dinner with all the staff and then everyone goes to rest in the comfortable rooms of the resort. Wifi always available with good signal all over the resort/camp.

Galli da combattimento

Galli da combattimento

In the area there many muslims and so the Muezzin (or  “Mu?adhdhin” in arab) with the 5 daily chants (between night and day) from the nearby minaret will often wake you up. These chants, that are invitations to the praying, are very short and not too disturbing to hear, which makes this place unforgettable.

A curios note is that after every training, Kem takes care of his fighting chickens and often we can watch them sparring with protecions on their paws!

In conclusion, a suitable camp for a Nak Muay Farang, to stay for long periods, in peace, to prepare fights in full Kem Muay Thai GYM - Kem Sitsongpeenong (15)concentration and focus. We don’t recommend this place for the classic foreinger on holiday, who can’t leave the western habits or who loves nightlife, trendy restaurant, discos and everything else that was not created by nature, as there is only Thai cousine and nothing else, there are no 7/11s or well supplied shops and the first supermarket is 30km away. There is nothing beside nature and Muay Thai. Well, for all Muay Thai lovers, who come especially to train, learn, concentrate and maybe unify Muay Thai to meditation, relax reading and concentration, will certainly love the place and probably will only suffer when it’s time to leave.

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Who desires to go at the camp can write us at and we will put you in touch with the gym; at the moment the gym doesn’t have a website but only a  facebook page  and  resort :

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