Lumpinee Stadium: Mathias is back!

Lumpinee Stadium: Mathias is back!

Firstly, since April 2015 Mathias is officially training at “7 Muay Thai GYM“, the brand new Muay Farang Associated gym located in Rayong province, in a peaceful place immersed in the nature where new young talents are forged, fighting and bringing back success from Lumpinee to Max Muay Thai.

But let’s talk about Mathias’ success at Lumpinee Stadium, after his debut when he was only 18, in 2012 he conquered 4 consecutives victories in 4 months at the old and historic Lumpinee. His biggest win at Lumpinee was the one against the Japanese Yuikiya Nakamura (Video) and then on December 15, 2012 he won the main event live on Thai TV Channel 5; and after less than 2 weeks Mathias gave it all to conquer the WBC inter. Muay Thai belt (Video). In not even 5  months, 5 hard fights and 5 consecutive victories and one bad news: a small fracture on his foot forced Mathias to stop. Unfortunately Lumpinee’s management didn’t reason and if by refusing the fight that was coming up after, he was out.

In April 2012, Mathias was back on the ring, but not in eccellente form as he was in January, but in just 3 months time (July) Mathias shocked Bangkok’s audience once again by humiliating the veteran JuanMario Kaewsamrit by winning 5 out 5 rounds and the WPMF World title. But even after this, Lumpinee’s doors were closed and so Mathias decided to take other opportunities, he flew in Italy to improve his boxing skills and came back fatter but stronger ready to kick asses at Lumpinee. The historic Lumpinee Stadium was then demolished and the brand new stadium was built, with a new management but the door was always “closed” for Mathias.

Max Muay Thai came forward and put Mathias in their TOP event featuring Buakaw, Kem, Aikpracha, Dylan Salvador, Enriko Kehl and Mathias made a big show by defeating a strong and more expert Lumpinee fighter Sapanpetch (Kittisak) (Video).

Buakaw, than, wanted Mathias in his event “Combat Banchamek” against his cousin, former Channel 7 champion: Rungravee Sasiprapa who pulled a draw against Mathias thanks to the fact that the fight (live broadcasted on tv) was held in Surin (his hometown) (Video).

Max Muay Thai then wanted Mathias to face former Lumpinee champion Denkiri Sor Sommai (Video) but his overwhelming victory wasn’t enough to convince the Thais who then asked for a rematch and Mathias won again.

Earlier this year the time came for Max Muay Thai 62kg tournament Won by Mathias by beating the Thai Puenyai in the final and winning the Max MT silver belt. The opportunity to find a new promoter to compete at Lumpinee finally arrived and Mathias was scheduled to fight on 13th June, but at the end of May the fight was cancelled.

Mathias stopped and concentrated on following his gym mates training at 7 Muay Thai Gym, with his passion on doing things, such as teaching with patience and the total devotion of this sport. As a surprise Lumpinee called and proponed a fight on June 6, 2015 to replace a fighter in the 64kg category: take it or leave it! Even though Mathias usually fights in the 62kg, he decided to take the fight. He wasn’t ready and the fight was close, the weight wasn’t his and he knew that the opponent was a young skilled Thai, Mongkol Kor.Kampanaj known to the gamblers as Fhaipikhat who was obviously their favourite in their odds.

The fight was set for the main event of the afternoon event, the one before the more important event of the night where Mathias fought last time in main event as well; another way to see if you are able to start from zero, if you have the necessary humility that marks every great champion. The Muay Thai and Lumpinee worlds are very difficult, not much money and many sacrifices, but Mathias is hard headed and wants to find the motivations inside him.

Mathias, who’s used to the big crouds of old Lumpinee or TV of Max MT was a bit switched off but he told to his father and manager “For Lumpinee you need to start somewhere, and im restarting!”. The fight immediately started hard, the Thai opponent had strong legs that moved Mathias every time he kicked; Mathias also didn’t have much stamina and had to manage 5 rounds, but Mathias controlled the fight tecnically and cut his opponent with and elbow, showing his superiority in clinching and showing also good boxing skills. Mathias’s completeness and attacking game convinced 2 of 3 judges to give him the victory. When he got out of the ring, a known gambler, who even after 2 years still remebered Mathias, put in Mathias’s mouth a roll of 1000 baht bank notes. Muay Farang team captain made Lumpinee happy again and now we’ll see if Lumpinee will be able to make him smile again; and how Muay Farang fans like to say “There’s only one captain: Mathias Gallo Cassarino“.

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