Ilya Grad at Muay Farang Gym-Sitjemam Pai

Ilya Grad at Muay Farang Gym-Sitjemam Pai

Direct News from Muay Farang Northern Thailand Gym press agency:

Sitjemam Muay Thai Pai / Muay Farang Northern Thailand gym is glad to host in these days Ilya Grad (Russia / Israel).

ilya-grad-muay-thai-champion-training-muay-farang-northern-thailand-pai-sitjemam-pai_profile_Ilya (World WMC Champion), is considered as an outstanding fighter in the 70-75 kg category who usually trains in Bangkok, but this time decided to train at Muay Farang Camp in Pai with Emmanuele Corti, to prepare for his partecipation in a 8-man WMC Tournament in occasion of H.M. King’s birthday in Bangkok.

Our structure in North Thailand is considered by many a good alternative to Chiang Mai & Bangkok gyms, with the plus of a stress & pollution free area.

Ilya in the next weeks will get back to Bangkok to continue his preparation for the tournament, but will be our guest again during the Songkran period (Thai new year – April).

As usual Muay Farang selected camps, host great international Nak Muays, and soon more will arrive in Pai, including a special guest.

Chok Dee