Mathias awarded  for 2017 at Lumpinee wins again

Mathias awarded for 2017 at Lumpinee wins again

Mathias 7 Muay Thai Gym gives his fans another convincing win at Lumpinee on the Top promoter event,
Kiatpetch, that becomes the 3rd in a row, establishing himself now as one of the top class names of the promotion (we remind our readers that his last performance of 2017 got awarded as most exciting fight of the year by the thai press and Lumpinee Stadium’s best fight of the month November 2017)

Mathias is able this time to set up a smart bout, avoiding extensive trading and outclassing experienced Mongkolpetch with fashion.
Tale of the tape:
Mongkolpetch starts the first 2 rounds with a classic fimeu style, waiting Mathias on the ropes and countering with precise and poweful low kicks that connects on Mathias front leg.
The third round sees the action moving at the center of the ring, with Mongkolpetch starting his feared work of elbows, and Mathias answering with powerful boxing combos.
At the end of the 3rd gamblers give Mathias behind (6/1) after his thai opponent slightly won rd 3, and for the first minute of the 4th fraction Mongkolpetch tries to impose his pace.
Unfortunately for him Mathias worked like a diesel keeping the best at last: Mathias starts to target mercilessly the left leg of his thai opponent that appears to be in pain and unable to react.
Mathias will continue in this way until the end of the round, with Mongkolpetch showing heavy breath and struggling to avoid the count from the referee that at a certain point was appearing imminent.
The last round is pure routine, with Mongkolpetch showing that he was heavily hurt and fully aware of his defeat:the 2 boxers cruise until the end with Mathias avoiding to inflict unnecessary punishment to Mongkolpetch,only containing him with powerful low kicks a couple of times at the very beginning of the round.
Excellent performance by Mathias Gallo Cassarino that leaves the ring still looking fresh, showing a proficient and accurate management of the bout.

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