Video: Mathias MF wins the Max MT Silver 4 Man Tournament -62kg – 5th Apri 2015

Video: Mathias MF wins the Max MT Silver 4 Man Tournament -62kg – 5th Apri 2015

Yesterday (5th April 2015), the young Muay Farang Team Captain, Mathias Gallo Cassarino, who’s only 22 years old, added a brand new belt to his significant collection of belts, that already includes the most prestigious ones for Muay Thai: WBC, WPMF & WMC.
A very challenging tournament for Mathias, who in the first match faced the good and technical French fighter Issam Arabat-Ziane.

Issam & Mathias made a great show and in the third round Mathias’ middle kicks hurt the Frenchman.

Mathias finished the fight with some marks on his face and a bad wound on his shin.

In the second semifinal, the Thai Puenyai Payyakkampan, who recently won a WMC title, faced the Russian Ruslan Berdyev (WMF Pro Marathon -63,5kg champion).

In the first round the Russian, who was still fresh and full of energy, knocked down the Thai, who than go up and started, dominatating the fight till the end and won, but with a cut on his face.

In the final, Mathias faced the Thai; the two fighters, who were both marked from the previous fights, conducted an excellent fight, rich of shots from both sides until the plot twist in the second round.

In the locker room Roberto (Mathias’ father and manager) clearly said “When he’s on the ropes strike a back fist” .

As said, Mathias found the right moment and striked a beautiful  “back fist”, that hit his opponen’ts chin, who then tried to get up but felt down on the referee’s arms. Mathias in tears in front of the cameras, achieve a new great success.

Mathias becomes the first Max Muay Thai -62kg Silver Belt Champion and as previously announced, at the end of the year he will face the winners of the next 3 Max MT tournaments, in a super final tournament that features a 1 Milion Baht (around 28k Eruo) final prize and the Golden Max Muay Thai Champion belt.

Mathias Muay Farang (Gallo Cassarino) vs Issam Arabat-Ziane (France)

Mathias Muay Farang (Gallo Cassarino) vs Puenyai Payyakka Mpan (Thailand)

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