Card Max Muay Thai 8th June 2014

Card Max Muay Thai 8th June 2014

Max muay Thai 8 June 2014 Pattaya by Muay FarangMax Muay Thai next edition will take place on 8th June 2014 at Pattaya Boxing World (Map).

The event will start at 20.30 to 23.30 and will be live broadcasted on Thai Satellite Channel CTH MAX.

In the 4 Man Torunament we can find:

-The Thai Jingreedtong Seatransferry who won the Max Muay Thai edition in Japan (after he faced the Italian Alessandro Campagna promoted in that event by Muay Farang – News) and due to his fractured jaw he was replaced by the French in Max Muay Thai final in Khon Kaen (News).

-The Scottish Craig Dickson (video vs Pravit Aor Piriyapinyo)

-The Spanish Marc Dass Rey

-The Russian Khaial Superprosamui


-The Strong Thai Dejrit Poptheeratham (trained by the legend Samart Payakaroon), who recently won for the second time the World WPMF 147lbs title defeating on points Singmanee Kaewsamrit, will face the Portuguese Matheus Perreira.

-The Thai Kanongsuk Chuwattana will face for the second time the Russian Yurik Superpro Samui after the last fight at Max Muay Thai ended Draw (Video).

-The Thai Jomthon Chuwattana, winner of the last 4 Man Marathon at Max MT, will face the English Kamen Picken, who at the event Combat “Buakaw” Banchamek faced the Superstar Saenchai PkSaenchaiMuayThaiGym (Video).

-The French Yacine Darkrim, who in the last edition of Max MT defeated on points the strong fighter Moses Tor. Sangtiennoi (Video),  will face the Thai  Cherngrob Pumpanmuang.

-The Thai Sanpetch Kiatpetchnoi will face the French Finley Looktubfah.

Chok Dee

Max muay Thai 8 June 2014 Pattaya by Muay Farang