Max MuayThai Sendai – Japan – Results

Max MuayThai Sendai – Japan – Results

max sendaiYesterday it was held the event Max MuayThai in Senda, Japan (news), home of the famous events K-1 World Max, where in the best times of K-1 Buakaw Banchamek (Por Pramuk at that time) and Yoshihiro Sato fought two times, one time in Febraury 2008 where Buakaw won at points and after 6 months they fought again while this time Sato won by KO.

Now, after 5 years Buakaw and Sato met on the ring again, always in Japan but they fought in Muay Thai Full Rules (3 rounds). Buakaw with his big experience in MT throws many times Sato on the ground, and in the second round he accelerats leaving no time for Sato to hit him (video). Like this Buakaw wins every 3 rounds of the match that represent his return to the “real” cometitions, leaving at his back his  past in Thai Fight.  buakaw_Sato

Big surprise in the tournament (4 man tournament 67kg), which competed  the Italian Alessandro Campagna (promoted by Muay Farang) who met in the first round the lighter but strong  Thai Jingreadthong Seatranferry, who at last won the fight on points.

Too bad for Alessandro who lost an excellent opportunity to win the tournament, won at last by the Thai. We interviewed his manager Roberto Gallo Cassarino who said that <Alessandro had some problems and who saw the fight could notice it clearly, he couldn’t sleep beacuse of the jet lag, but I believe  the strategy should have been different, but it’s not my Job to plan it and judge it, I’m just the manager! We will work to have other opportunities for Him!>  Campagna Vs.Jingreadthong
max33 The strong French Dylan Salvador wind the first round ( video), in a spectacular match with Yamato Yuya (who won by TKO against Fabio Pinca at TF in France: Video), and goes into the final against Jingreadthong (video), losing a great fight where the Thai fought in a smart way taking advantages of his speed due to his lightiness that theoretically could penalize him. In fact Jingreadthong fights in Lumpinee Stadium in 135lbs (61Kg) category.

Aikpracha wins also in this edition of Max fighting against the Japanese Tomoaki Makino who unfortunately cannot compete with the Thai(video).

At last the young and strong Japanese Hiroya, who grown up in Thailand in Kaewsamrit Gym is know to have been the youngest fighter in the show K-1 Max and to have been fighting few times in Rajadamnern Satadium in Bangkok ( Video HL). Hiroya defeats by points the Thai Sapan Petch Sit-Itsukato, the only victory for Japan (Not including the fight won by the Japanese Mina against the Thai Purahong) and the only defeat for Thailand even if actually Hiroya is Kaewsamrit (Thai Gym) video.

Here the video Buakaw Vs. Sato

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