Muay Thai Angels Air Race

Muay Thai Angels Air Race


Top female muay thai promotion in Thailand, Muay Thai Angels, announces the fightcard of the second leg of the tournament at the limit of 57 kgs that will be held next sat 18th nov at U Tapao airport(Pattaya), with few male fights to complete the show.

Unfortunately, due to the many changes of date, the competition loses some of its original qualifiers including Jinnai Madoka from Japan,that impressed with the display of a pristine muay thai technique during the quarter finals.
Here the draws of the tournament with a brief overview  about every bout :
-Namtarn(tha) vs Yolanda(rsa): the thai champion will use her muay khao style to score points and break the rhythm of the match, while the hard hitter south african will go for trading hits and looking for the ko.Namtarn favourite.
-Maria(por) vs Natalie(usa): equilibrate match with the student of Dina Pedro being a more experienced and well rounded fighter, but giving up few kilos advantage to her american opponent.
-Chommannee(tha) vs Lucy(uk): possibly the best match up of the seminfinals, that will see the tall WBC Champion Lucy (Touchgloves Gym, UK) trying  to upset thai fans;we still see Chommannee as favourite for the simple reason of being more used to thai scoring and able to contain her opponent with her fimeu style.
-Sawsing(tha) vs Natalie(hk): Sawsing big favourite as she appears to have way  too much experience compared to her Hong Kong opponent.
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Muay Thai Angels Air Race
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Emmanuele Corti

Emmanuele Corti

Emmanuele Corti: he started to practice muay thai at a young age in Trieste (Italy), beginning to fight almost immediately in prestigious gala along with top Thai fighters and rising stars like the Petrosyan brothers. After a period of work experience leading him abroad, he eventually settled in Thailand in late 2011 crowning the dream of his life, which is to open a muay thai camp. From that year he has been actively following the preparation of his camp's fighters and has often collaborated with the Muay Farang team, continuing to fight actively for the major promotions of the Asian continent.

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