The Muay Thai Legends

The Muay Thai Legends

New_con copyright_okWe already dedicate ourselves to the actual Muay Thai Champions by writing news and We think that’s also important to spread Muay Thai History.

History is made by persons and Muay Thai by fighters.

Through a complete research we listed the names of Muay Thai Legends to let everyone know who from the beginning contributed to grow this fantastic Art and Sport.

Step by step  we’ll add a complete file (with Highlights, historic fights, biography and photo-gallery.

The Muay Thai Legends – Thais:

leggende legend-MT

  • Samart Payakaroon
  • Somrak Khamsing
  • Jomhod Kiatadisak
  • Khaosai Galaxy
  • Buakaw Banchamek
  • Saenchai PkSaenchaiGym
  • Kanokrat Por.Mungubon
  • Nampol Nongkeepahuyut
  • Jaroenthong and Samranthong Keitbanchong

  • Lerdsila Chumpairtour
  • Kongtorranee Payakaroon
  • Wangchannoi Sor.phalangchai
  • Sanit Vichitkraingkrai
  • Namkabuan Nongkeepahuyut
  • Karuhas Sor.Supawan
  • San So.plernjit
  • Palannoi Keitanan
  • Hippy Singmanee
  •  Nuengpichit Sityodtong
  •  Paruhuslek Sitchunthong
  • Pairojnoi Sor.Siamchai

The Muay Thai Legends – Farangs:

  • Jean-Charles Skarbowsky
  • Rob Kaman
  • Ramon Dekkers
  • Dany Bill
  • Joe Prestia
  • Dida Diafat
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