What is Muay Farang?
What is Muay Farang?

The term Muay Farang derives from Muay Thai and it’s the way that Thai people call foreigner Nak Muays (Muay Thai professionist).  The Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxe is Thailand’s national sport and Thailand is the home of this sport. For this reason Thai’s always had a strong competitive supremacy in Muay Thai…But things change!

Muay Farang is the story of very young non-Thai fighters(Farang) who moved to Thailand…well we are writing the history on Asia’s most important rings, follow us !!!

One of the basic steps for a Nak Muay who wants to fight in Thailand is to understand Muay Thai “rules” and how to win a fight on points. This guide has informations that no Master or Thai instructor will ever give you, as they think it’s something you should already know. Being part of Muay Farang means also to know the traditions, Muay Thai rules and scoring.

If you want to get close to the Muay Farang way, start from here  : Muay Thai scoring.

“Farang or Thai, rich or poor, have the same possibilities of succeeding. What is important is to start young with the obsession of becoming Muay Thai champions and tenacity, spirit of sacrifice, courage and pride to be Muay Farang not only a “Farang” in Thailand, because things change and…..”
Roberto Gallo Cassarino

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