Once upon a time
Once upon a time

Mathias walks proud, with a heart full of fear, towards what will later become his passion… his obsession: becoming Muay Thai world champion and to measure himself with the best Thai fighters (and non Thais)!

His story starts at the young age of 12 (15 August 2015) at Lamai Stadium in Koh Samui, Thailand and it starts with a 5 by 3 minutes rounds fight Muay Thai full rules with a win against his first Thai opponent.
The video and the shouts are of Lino Lannutti, who doesn’t know a thing about Muay Thai but as he films he comments in a unique way…

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groupRoberto, Mathias’ father, has a dream, maybe a nightmare, it is not clear how to define it but it has as at its base a very simple as crazy and utopic theory; this of course for everyone except for who runs 25 hours a day 366 days a year for Muay Farang’s success!

The question is: “Can a Farang compete with the best Thai fighters, beat them in Thailand with Bangkok stadium rules?”  There are many answers which can all be right or wrong and this counts nothing for Mathias, Ginga and all Muay Farang Team, what counts is to answer with facts, has Mathias did at the age of 12, he stepped on the ring against a Thai opponent. The same thing did Ginga at 14 yo and at 20 when he started fighting with ropes instead of gloves (Kard Chuek).

*Farang, for who doesn’t know is the definition that is given to a foreigner in Thailand, whether he is Italian, American, a read headed  Irish, a Swedish albino or a colored skin Senegalese , for Thais they are all defined “Farang”.