Z-1 Royal Kedah Muay Thai on 14th & 15th November at Langkawi – Malaysia

Z-1 Royal Kedah Muay Thai on 14th & 15th November at Langkawi – Malaysia

gang liUpdate 02/11/2014:

The Spanish Carlos Muay Farang, who had to fight in the 4 Man tournament, won’t be able to fight in the tournament for personal reasons and will be replaced by the Chinese Gang Li, who recently faced Robert Sor Klinmee at Max Muay Thai Live.

Original News 14/10/2014:

On 14th & 15th November 2014 the beautiful island of Langkawi, Malaysia will host the 7th edition of  the famous Muay Thai event Z-1 Royal Kedah.


In the card are present 3 fighters promoted by Muay Farang who will fight in the 4 Man tornament:

  • the Italian Em Muay Farang (Emmanuele Corti), owner of Sitjemam / Muay Farang North Thailand (Pai) gym, who on July 25, 2014 faced the strong Thai Chamuakthong Sor. Yuphinda at Toyota Tournament (News).
  • the Spanish Carlos Muay Farang (Carlos Coellos), who recently signed the contract with Roberto Gallo Cassarino and is already promoted in international events

Also, the French Karlito Muay Farang (Francois Charles) will fave Salah Khalifa (who recently faced the strong Thai Yodsanklai Fairtex at Lion Fight 18 – Video), for the Z-1 (WMC) 69.5kg Title.

We also remember that in the last edition of this event, the young component of Muay Farang Team  Melo MF (who on 28/06/2014 defeated Carlos Coellos at Lumpinee Stadium – News) faced the strong Malaysian Qhalid Saripan (Video).

More details soon!

Chok Dee