MuayThai Warriors also in Europe in Madrid

MuayThai Warriors also in Europe in Madrid

mtw3 MuayThai Warriors is a circuit of Muay Thai events promoted in Thailand, Cambodia and China sponsored by the owner of the prestigious and famous Sasiprapa Camp in Bangkok. Periodically are organized events in which fight big names in Muay Thai such as Saenchai, Sakeddaw Petchpayathai, Rungravee Sasiprapa, Bovy Sor Udomson, Yukiya Nakamura and many more.

Now the event will be exported also in Europe starting from Spain and Madrid (Pabellin Principe de Austrias Pinto) on November  23, 2013.

In the event the Thai team will face the Spanish team:

  • Bovy Sor Kor Suhai Gym vs Nestor Rodriguez (54 kg)
  • Tanongdej Petchpayathai vs Felix Cortes (72kg)
  • Wattanasak Sasiprapa Gym vs Emad Kadyear (67kg)
  • Superbon Tor Prajobmoh vs Carlos La Loba (72kg)
  • Saisilek Sithsuperman vs Andrian Garlonta (80kg)

There are not confirmed rumors saying that Muay Farang Captain Mathias Sitsongpeenong could accept the propose to fight also in a prestigious event of MuayThai Warriors in Thailand.

Chok Dee