New Lumpinee on 2014

New Lumpinee on 2014

LogoNoTxtInaugurated in 1946, the Lumpinee Stadium has become a sacred place for Muay Thai, for fighters, fans, professionals and legendary champions.
Now it ‘s in construction a new modern and welcoming building, but the old Lumpinee will always have a place in the hearts of lovers of the “real” Muay Thai.

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The Lumpinee Stadium today has become a “must” place to visit. Those who visit it for the first time expects a Ceasars Palace, an arena, a mega sports hall but instead when you actually go inside you think “really?”. This is the Muay Thai “Mecca”, the place where all the best fighters of this magical sport have fought. Great athletes, even legends, all have gone thru Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok and the fascinating thing  that makes you understand the noble soul of this art  is that all these great athletes were treated in the same way and contrary to what many may imagine,  although arrived at Lumpini, instead of being treated like “Kings”,  they checked the weight, have been massaged and bandeged (ect.) right next to the toilet of the stadium, in a friendly place and without that this has minimally affected the value of fighters and undisputed “kings” of the ‘real’ Muay Thai.

prima del match (1)What you must realize is that there’s no aesthetic beauty at the Lumpinee stadium, everything is absolutely “No Frills” and his fame is only and simply due to everything that has happened on that magical ring.

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