Rajadamnern Stadium

Rajadamnern Stadium

Rajadamnern Stadium by Muay Farang (4)The Rajadamnern Stadium is the second most important Stadium in Thailand and is the first National Thai Stadium ever built.

Lumpinee St. and Rajadamnern St. (commonly called Raja) are the most known Muay Thai Stadiums in the World; all the best thai fighters have fought in these 2 stadiums.

The origins:

In 1941 the Prime Minister Marshal P. Pibulsongkram ordered to build a National MT Stadium.Rajadamnern Stadium by Muay Farang (3)

In 1943 the government issued an expropriation Act to land owners to give their lands to build the Stadium.

The constructions begun in 1941 by an Italian Company:Imprese Italiane all’Estero-Oriente.

The total cost of the project was of 258.900 Baht (equivalent to 5.800€); during the WWII the building process stopped due to the lack of construction supplies.

Rajadamnern Stadium by Muay Farang (1)In 1944 Mr. Pramote Puengsoonthorn brought the project into consideration again and showed it to Colonel Suwan Phenchan who then decided and ordered to finish the Stadium.

In 1945 after not even two months of constructions the building was finished and on 23rd December of the same year the Stadium was  inaugurated with the first muay Thai show.

The stadium wasn’t fully completed since it was “Open-Air”, so on 1951 the stadium upgraded with a new roof and more seats.Rajadamnern Stadium by Muay Farang (2)

Rajadamnern Stadium second Manager Mr. Chalerm Cheosakulthought that it would not be suitable to let outsiders run the stadium and so on 24th May 1953 the “Rajadamnern Co. Ltd” was founded. From that moment on, all Muay Thai shows and fights are organized by this company.


The stadium rules are common with the Lumpinee’s ones:

-All fighters must weight more then 100lbs (45.4 kg)

-Must be over 15 y.o.

-The weight difference between the two fighters must not exceed 5 lbs (2.26kg)

-Womens can’t access the ring or fight on it

Rajadamnern Stadium by Muay Farang (5)


The stadium has alot of Italian History, apart from being built by an Italian Company, on 1969 the Italian-American boxing fighter Rocky Marciano (Rocco Francis Marchegiano) refereed an international boxing fight between Raksak Wayupuk vs Saknoi Sor Kosum.