results of MTA Nov 18, 2017

results of MTA Nov 18, 2017

Female Muay Thai Top promotion in Thailand MuayThai Angels, registered a good success  in what regards entertaining match ups last saturday at U Tapao/Rayong airport (tv broadcast on thairath tv starting around 22.30).

It must be said that the scoring appeared to be customized to the promoter’s liking instead of keeping a classic muay thai point of view.
For this reason we think it should be advisable, maybe in the same way it happens in professional western boxing bouts, to explain to the public the basic criteria of point assignment before the starting of the fight.
We also point the fact that the actual semifinals of the tournament had only 3 matches instead of 4, so the last contender will be apparently picked from one of the 3 girls that lost last saturday.
Here a brief overview of the matches:

-Namtarn(tha) vs Yolanda(rsa): Yolanda starts full steam going forward with her classic 200% heart style throwing strong punches and elbows.

Namtarn suffers a bit in the first round, but comes out in the second with her muay khao style giving strong knees and bending the neck of her opponent in more than one occasion.The third round sees again Yolanda going forward trying to knock her out her thai opponent, with Namtarn somehow able to contain her opponent breaking the action with locks and long knees.Yolanda awarded the decision due to her aggressive style more than actually scoring any relevant kick or knee.
-Maria(por) vs Natalie(usa): Natalie starts strong stunning her opponent with a spin elbow/punch,that now appears to be her trademark hit, and easily get the first round.Maria starts well the second round scoring 2 sweeps but looks to lose consistency thereafter, with the american walking forward with more precise and stronger hits.The portuguese awarded of the win -possibly- because of the quantity of the hits throws at her opponent.
-Chommannee(tha) vs Lucy(uk) VIDEO  In all 3 rounds Lucy litterally runs forward looking for the close contact with her thai opponent.Chommannee able to contain during the first 2 rounds with her fimeu style scoring good kicks but appears to be exhausted in the 3rd, with the tall Lucy able to score some good points.Judges for Chommannee.
In last analysis we can say that all the girls performed very well with an equilibrate match making, and whoever will be picked among the losers will anyway deserve to be in the finals.
Only ‘critic’ we can move to Muay Thai Angels promotion  is that it is has not been  able to sign and bring in Thailand for its show the arguably 2 best female muay thai  fighters of the moment, Anissa Meksen and Tiffany Van Soest that will face each other under Glory Rules the next dec 1st….but we keep our hopes to see the american and the french compete in the land of the smiles during the next edition.

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