Results: Thai Boxe Mania 2016

Results: Thai Boxe Mania 2016

Hereunder results of the great Italian event organized by M. Carlo Barbuto: Thai Boxe Mania 2016 (Card) that took place on 30th January 2016 in Turin, Italy (Palaruffini):

  • Luca Fasano loses by pts vs Fabio Puce
  • Tarek Totts draws vs Antonio Albo
  • Elias Mahmoudi wins by pts vs Andrea Roberti
  • Andrea Arduini loses by pts vs Shan Cangelosi
  • Luca Novello loses by pts vs Hamza Imane
  • Claudiu Istrate loses by pts vs Raffaele vitale
  • Kostas Zenonos wins by pts vs Vittorio Iermano
  • Filippo Solheid wins by pts vs Lukasz Plawecki
  • Martine Micheletto wins by pts vs Estela Garcia
  • Lucian Danilencu loses by pts vs Bruno Susano
  • Christian Paratore loses by pts vs Chang zhuangzhuang
  • Xiao Joe wins by pts vs Ismael Foscarini
  • Li Ge Teng wins by submission R1 vs Hamit Kola (MMA)
  • Yong Shun wins by KO R1 vs Simone La Preziosa (MMA)
  • Chu Han loses by pts vs Christian Zahe
  • Wang Yuhu loses by pts vs Mustapha Haida
  • Wu Sihan wins by KO R1 vs Paolo Florio
  • Chingiz Allazov wins by pts vs Christian Baya
  • Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee wins by pts vs Johane Beausejour

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