Result on line – Z1 Malaysia 15 Nov 2014

Result on line – Z1 Malaysia 15 Nov 2014

Seemanut Z1 Karlitos Muay Farang (3)Here results of the fighters promoted by Muay Farang at the great event “Z1 Royal Kedah” that was held on 14th & 15th November 2014 in the beautiful island of Langkawi.

  • Em Muay Farang lost by TKO vs Ali Yakkob (Malaysia)
    The Thai Pepsi  Pomee Nyo won on points against the chinese Gang Li promoted by Muay Farang
  • The Malaysian Ali Yakkob  won the final defeating by KO the Thai Pepsi
  • Seemanut Sor Surinya defeated by KO R1 Charles “Karlitos” Francois promoted by Muay Farang

Chok Dee

Result on line – Z1 Malaysia 15 Nov 2014
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