Warriors night 2 Results

Warriors night 2 Results

vendredi_11_oct_warriors2Warriors Night 2 results, event held in Paris, France.

Big names fighting Muay Thai and K-1 in this event: Fabio Pinca (News – Pinca at Max Muay Thai Pattaya), Mehdi Zatout, Bobo Sacko and Yury Bessmertny.

Fabio Pinca wins at points against Mehdi Zatout 

Yury Bessmertny lost at points against Dijimé Coulibaly

-Sofiane kouliaba wins by KO (2° ripresa) against Bobo Sacko

-Hichem Chaibi wins at points against Youssef Sid

-Anissa Meksen wins at points against Soraya Bucherie

-Willy Borel wins by TKO against Vang moua (K-1)

-Nicolas Wanba wins at points against Pacome Assi (K-1)