Secrets of the “Noble Art” explained by Master Spinelli

Secrets of the “Noble Art” explained by Master Spinelli

Massimo Spinelli is one of the athletes who best represented, World Widely, the Italian Kickboxing in the ’90s.

After he won 2 Kickboxing World titles, he was one of the few athletes coming from this discipline, to become a Western Boxing pro fighter; in fact, on June 1995 he attempted to conquer the World Title in Thailand against the Thai legend Samson 3K battery (RN: Saenmuangnoi Lukchaopormahesak) who retired in 2002 after defending the WBF title 38 times, featuring a record of 43 win on 43 fights.

Exactly 20 years ago (1995) when Massimo faced the Thai Samson in Chiang Rai (Th), at his corner there were: Didier Leborgne, Bruno Roberto and Roberto Gallo Cassarino.
Massimo was of ‘7 Muay Thai’ GYM during this August. Beside the friendship with Roberto, a lot of work has been done passionately. Mathias and Roberto open the Real Muay Thai scene and perfect Thai style training program, studied with in professional way with scientific innovation unique in Thailand.

Obviously, a visit to the Lumpinee Stadium couldn’t be skipped, to bring a fighter and to chat about “how to score points in Muay Thai” (link).
Finally, the most interesting and profitable part has been M. Massimo teaching and training Mathias, Carlos and Roberto, some tricks from the Western Boxing side.

Furthermore, a joint study on the application of  western boxing on Muay Thai began. You’re asking how can 2 sports with 2 so different styles can not be in contrast with each other.

We can’t unveil much on the injections of Boxing in traditional Muay Thai, since it’s only being tested at  ‘7 Muay Thai Gym’ and we anticipate and confirm that it’s impossible to mix the 2 styles, but like how a fighter can change from orthodox to left handed stance (from one round to another), maybe he can also change fighting style between rounds.

We think there are tactical and strategical situations in which M. Spinelli’s secrets can be applied.

What sets 7 Muay Thai Gym aprt from the other camps is that if we have to teach to a 20 YO Farang how to compete against a 20 YO Thai, who maybe has already a record of 100 or more fights, the only way to defeat him is to give the the Farang an intelligent and unpredictable fight strategy.

Hereunder interview to Massimo Spinelli & Roberto Gallo Cassarino:

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