Silvia La Notte, champion in Chiang Mai, signs with Lion Fight

Silvia La Notte, champion in Chiang Mai, signs with Lion Fight

silvia champSilvia la Notte (Sitjemam Muay Thai) hits the target at the first attempt and gain Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium‘s title belt -50 kg against the strong “Muay Khao” Aungkor Phettonpueng last Monday, 14th August.
Good strategy of the italian that first alternated boxing and low kicks to then change rhythm and score decisive points with middle kicks while containing the advancing of the young thai with precise front kicks and diversive movement.
Silvia managed the lead with lucidity thoughout the match adding some spectacular techniques such as a spin elbow and a spin kick before being declared winner of the match through UD 49-48.
On the same card dutch favourite Marloes Merza secures a convincing win against Sirilak and so does italian Martine Michieletto against Sudsiam.

(Link to full the event replay with Silvia vs Aungkor at 1hour 30min: VIDEO)

Silvia does not have time to enjoy the well-deserved victory that immediately announces the closing of a multi-fight deal at -49kg with top US promotion Lion Fight, which will see her challenge rising “knee fighter” Stamp Fairtex at ‘Lion Fight 38 at Foxwoods‘,september the 29th.
Highlight of the event the prestigious title match between Tong Anucha (THA, Channel 7, Lumpinee Stadium champion) vs. Saemapetch Fairtex (THA, Poon Suea Channel 7 Champion).

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