Refunded stage for Boxing Master in Thailand!

Refunded stage for Boxing Master in Thailand!

Always more often, titled and young talented professionals find the success out of their home country and now there are many career opportunities in Asia concering Boxing and Thai Boxe. Thailand has its own national sport: Muay Thai, that surely offers more guarantees to those who have the courage to leave everything to try something new, maybe with a stage, where a road to a successful career can be understood.
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The Thai Company Muay Farang co ltd., is in expansion and offers a working UNPDAID stage to an expert western boxing teacher with the possibility of free formation in the specific sector of “Muay Thai”.

The length of the stage is of 6 month and for the accepted candidate will be covered all local expenses from the arrival in Bangkok.
At the end of the training course, to those who exceeded 100% of presence and showed maximum effort and interest into the company’s projects and objectives, we plan a working settlement into the company.
It will be also released a certificate regarding the collaboation with the Muay Thai gym in Thailand.
Location: Ban Phe, Rayong, Thailand (1 km from the beach) at ‘7MuayThai GYM’

Essential and necessary requirments: Valid passport, elementary English language skills, good familiarity with  interenet and social networks.

Its fundamental to be an expert in teaching western boxing and skills inother combat sports, ring experience (as fighter and corner man) and activities regarding the athletic preparation for the professional fighters are apprecciated.

The candidates can send their C.V. to with the object: Boxing Master.

The candidate can be male or female. By sending the e-mail you authorize to let us treat your personal informations.