Video: Maxim Fedorkov at WMF Pro 63.5kg Marathon

Video: Maxim Fedorkov at WMF Pro 63.5kg Marathon

DSC_6280The Ukrainian Maxim Fedorkov is a IFMA and WMF multi-champion and for Muay Farang’s  editorial staff  is also one of the best 63.5kg Muay Thai fighter in the World.

On March 21, 2014 Maxim fought at Pattaya Boxing World Stadium in the 4 Man Marathon WMF Pro 63.5kg and up for grabs there was a World WMF 63.5kg  (same Title he won on 11th December 2011 by beating on points Anvar Boynazarov – video).

Fedorkov easily defeated the Brasilian Albino Mendes by KO R2, while in the final he faced the more competitive Russian Ruslan Berdyev.

Inexplicably victory of the fight and tournament by the Russian Ruslan. In fact all the experts (Thai and Farangs) who were watching the fight said that Maxim dominated effectively and technically the match as you can see in the video.

The fact that Maxim backed off during the fight isn’t a valid reason to give him lost, otherwise Muay Thai legends as Somrak Khamsing and Saenchai wouldn’t win a fight if it’s really important to only go forward.

It’s important to highlight that there wasn’t even a Thai judge.

Here the two fights, so you can judge by yourself: