Video: Top King World Series Results – Sangmanee won, Yodwicha Champion again

Video: Top King World Series Results – Sangmanee won, Yodwicha Champion again

TOPKING WORLD SERIES presented to the fans a huge proportion show during last night,10th february in Guang’an China, with live broadcast on thai channel MONO 29.
Results as following:
*Main Event:Sangmanee(tha) wins via TKO rd 3 vs Kirin Sirnov(rus).
*2017/2018 70kg Tournament Finals:
Semifinal:Yodwicha(tha) wins UD Gabriel Mazzetti(per) in a very close match that in our opinion deserved to be the actual final, where the latino undoubtedly shown his value.
Final:Yodvicha winner  vs Pascal Schrot(ger) via KO rd 2 and new Top King 70 kg champion.
*Petchmorakot(tha) wins decision vs Fabian Hundt(ger)
*Yodphanonrung(tha) wins decision vs Julio Lobo(bra), with the brazilian putting on stage a good performance
*Samuel Bark(swe) vs Liang Huan Yao(chi):the chinese fighter doesnt delude his public and KO hard hitter ‘Sammon’ in rd. 2.
*Petchboonchuay F.A.GROUP(tha) VS Han Zi Hao (chi), with the chinese winner by KO rd 3.
*Singh Pharanchai(tha)def Christian Hyatt (Hawaii-USA) by KO in round 3

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Emmanuele Corti

Emmanuele Corti

Emmanuele Corti: he started to practice muay thai at a young age in Trieste (Italy), beginning to fight almost immediately in prestigious gala along with top Thai fighters and rising stars like the Petrosyan brothers. After a period of work experience leading him abroad, he eventually settled in Thailand in late 2011 crowning the dream of his life, which is to open a muay thai camp. From that year he has been actively following the preparation of his camp's fighters and has often collaborated with the Muay Farang team, continuing to fight actively for the major promotions of the Asian continent.