Video: Youssef Boughanem vs Djimé Coulibaly

Video: Youssef Boughanem vs Djimé Coulibaly

youssefboughnaem_maxminx240yq90VICTORY K1 Tournament – 14 December 2013 – France

Youssef is a Belgium fighter who lives in Pattaya from many years.

He’s a big name in Muay Thai, especially in Thailand where he faced big names as  Buakaw, Sudsakorn and many others.

Antoine Pinto always avoided him, even when Youssef challenged him in public few years ago.

He had few peroblems to his shoulder that forced him to abbandon the fight against Buakaw, but now it seems the shoulder is ok.

We hope to see him fighting against the best Thai fighters and we hope to don’t see again unfair verdicts like this one: