Results/Videos: Super Muay Thai by Buakaw – 7/11/2015

Results/Videos: Super Muay Thai by Buakaw – 7/11/2015

Yesterday, 7th November 2015, the first “Super Muay Thai” (Newsevent took place at WorkPoint Entertainment studios in Rangsit, Bangkok; promoted by no less than Buakaw himself!
The event was live broadcasted on WorkPoint Channel and featured a 4-men tournament in which took part Carlos Coello Canales aka Carlos Muay Farang (training at 7MuayThai gym in Thailand).
Here the full results:

Tournament -57kg:

Semifinal 1: Klasueg Sitjakla defeats by TKO R2 Koung (Laos)

Semifinal 2: Carlos Muay Farang defeats by KO R1 (flying knee) Alexis Barateau

Final: Klasueg Sitjakla defeats by pts Carlos Muay Farang


Mansurbek Tolipov defeats by TKO R3 Kittisak Je Pen Muaythai

Petchanong Banchamek defeats by pts Aitor Javier Alonso

Faisal Zakaria defeats by KO Yak Nonaksin

Zhang Guangyi defeats by KO Teerapong Tiatitanon


Tournament Final: Carlos Muay Farang (7MT Gym) vs Klasueg Sitjakla

Carlos MF vs Alexis Barateau

Klasueg Sitjakla vs Koung

Petchanong Banchamek vs Aitor Javier Alonso

Mansurbek Tolipov vs Kittisak Je Pen Muaythai

Faisal Zakaria vs Yak Nonaksin

Zhang Guangyi vs Teerapong Tiatitanon

Chok Dee