Yolanda Schmidt dominates Muay Thai Angels

Yolanda Schmidt dominates Muay Thai Angels

Yolanda ‘The Sprimbock’ Schmidt from South Africa steamrolled his way through Natalie Morgan and Chommanee to be crowned champion of Muay Thai Angels 2017.

Tale of the night:

Semifinal A:
Chommanee wins convincingly the first semi final against Namtarn:the tall muay khao is only looking for the clinch and scoring with knees, and the smaller Chommanee is good at controlling her using her wider technical baggage and eventually scoring with kicks and locks to enter the final.

Semifinal B:
Yolanda starts with her trademark 100% aggression style throwing everything she has at Natalie(USA).The american is somehow able to contain the advance of Yolanda putting some pushkicks to the face and attempting numerous times to hurt her with spin elbows.
Yolanda appears anyway too strong,fiercely impacting with powerful straight punches, kicks and knees to get her way to the final.

Yolanda doesnt change style and goes for punishing Chommanee.
Chommanee, that we remember got beaten by Yolanda in the first leg of IFMA 2015, tries to contain the south african with push kicks and scoring with kicks.
Yolanda is anyway more convincing, always moving forward throwing much stronger hits than the thai champion and so history repeats itself:Yolanda winner again on Chommanee to cash the big 1 million thb prize and drive away 1 Toyota Revo pick up truck.


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