The rise of female Muay Thai trainers in Thailand

The rise of female Muay Thai trainers in Thailand


Female trainer thailand muay thaiThe sport of Muay Thai has always been traditionally connected to male audiences and practitioners, but things have been positively and drastically changing in the last few years.
Despite strict ‘sexist’ rules are still enforced in some major stadiums and in some gyms, where females are forbidden to enter or even touch the ring, female Muay Thai has become a major interest for thai people, they even started producing some national heroines such as Chommannee Sor Taehiran and young phenom Petchjeeja.

Things have obviously been changing also for what concerne the training aspect, with the appearance of several Muay Thai camps hosting lady fighters only and, most interestingly, the appearance of female professional trainers in Muay Thai camps.
This last aspect, that seemed unthinkable just few years ago, has become a reality mostly tied to the increasing popularity of fitness oriented Muay Thai training among thai middle class along with the always constant affluence of foreign trainees in Thailand.21369301_1913453088914254_7423316753556887067_n

Female trainers have so far represented an important resource for any gym due to the capability of teaching in a more compelling and relaxed way towards beginners and youngsters, being a better options for training female students and last but not least, being more trustworthy and attentive than the vast majority of their male counterparts.

7 Muay Thai Gym and Sitjemam Muay Thai are keeping the pace of this new trend and currently offering their students the female trainer option with renown and government certified instructors Ryn and Mam.