• Mathias wins the XMT 2015 Trophy at Macau

Mathias wins the XMT 2015 Trophy at Macau


mathias-wins-xmt-2015-trophy-macau-the-venetian-xtreme-muay-thai----(3)Xtreme Muay Thai 2015, held at Cotai Arena inside The Venetian Hotel and Casino in Macau, very exciting for the majesty of the venue which becomes even more special when its seen full, just like when on that same ring there were icons like Manny Pacquiao, for example!

Mathias was up against a Brazilian fighter who lives in Thailand, with 76 fights on his back and current Xtreme Muay Thai champion, who for a while has been asking for a fight with Mathias. The promoter who gave him this opportunity is an ex Muay Thai champion that deserves to be called a legend of Hong Kong’s Muay Thai and therefore of the nearby Macau.

Jeferson Oliveira, the Brazilian, is very tall compared to Mathias, therefore, he tries his way with elbows, being
12132413_10153301596364005_7777966249357651329_oable to slightly scrape Mathias’ head. Doesn’t take long for Mathias to find the way with powerful low kicks and knees in the clinch. The Brazilian lands some good kicks and uses his height advantage well to avoid Mathias’ punches, finally at the end of the 3rd round he starts to passively accept the loss. Too bad that Mathias is too “Thai Style” to rub it in and to give the crowd a KO.

mathias-wins-xmt-2015-trophy-macau-the-venetian-xtreme-muay-thai (2)Thai superstar Pakorn, in the main event, does not put too much effort against the strong Russian Aleksei Ulianov, the Thai wins slightly without thrilling the crowd much. In this year’s 4-man tournament, Dejrit Popteeratam, fighter of the Legend Samart Payakaroon, wins easily beating Henri Van Opstal (Mejiro Gym) in the semi-final and winning in the final by forfeit as Dzmitry Varats, W5 champion, wasn’t able to fight after his own Semi-final.

Big high class crowd, even if always very “cold” hearted for such a venue. Very cold as well the luxury 5 star hotel, The Venetian, which hosted the fighters and their teams. A very well made fake Venice, where the fighters were treated magnificently, just like it should always be for Muay Thai fighters and super stars.

Furthermore, part of the profit has been devolved to charity to Venus Sun City and the team of referees was completely Thai under supervision of WBC Muay Thai.

A very well organized event which benefits of progressive success and that for sure will keep succeeding in the following years.

Videos coming soon for MuayFarang.com readers.

Chok Dee