Muay Thai Music: Sarama

Muay Thai Music: Sarama


Certainly, one of the characteristic elements of Muay Thai is the typical melody, called «Sarama«, that is played before (during the Wai Khru) and during the match.

This rhythm is usually played by 4 different musicians who play 4 different instruments that are:

  • the Pi Java (Javanese Clarinet), instrument from India that gives the characteristic sound to the Sarama.
  • the Klong Kaaks a couple of drums with different sounds, one «male» that gives a high pitch sound and the other one «female» that gives a low pitch sound.
  • the Ching instrument made from two small plates (generally made of brass or iron), liked to eachother. They  have the role to lead the melody.
  • the Kong Mong istrument from South Thailand: a big plate hitted by a wood hammer. This instrument gives the rhytm to the melody.

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Photo credits: Jonathan Hanson