Muay Thai

Muay Thai


The Muay Thai, note also as Thai Boxe or Boxe thailandese,has been for a long time a discipline in which the Thais have had a strong athletic supremacy.In Thailand, the country of this sport and his/her uncontested competitive kingdon, the foreigners that practice it are by now a lot of in comparison to the year 1999.The foreigners,of any race or color,have called Farang,and this as a fact is interesting:it reflects on how easy is to feel united if simply you look from the East.By now,from a few years, a lot of foreigners,so Farang,practice the Muay Thai,but only a few exception cases have overtake the Thai fighters.We want to quote only one for all of them:Ramon ‘THe Diamond’ Dekkers,because we think he is the unique fighter for who the opinion of the foreigners and of the Thais is the same.By now,The Muay Thai is diffused on all parts of the earth and there are more persons why in this sport, at agonistic levels and with the original Thai rules,the Thais remain the best fighters,and more often undisputed.

The Muay Farang filosophy is born from the consideration that , in the opinion of an important current,this derives from the fact that for tradition, when an italian kid starts to kick a ball,a thai kid starts to kick a PAO.True or false,whatever it is,from this consideration borns the philosophy of the Muay Farang’s base.To stimulate in Italy the diffusion of this sport for the little ones.

So all the young people who practice this sport at high levels and serious objectives will have a free space in the site writing at :

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