Omnoi Stadium

Omnoi Stadium


Omnoi - Siam Boxing Stadium_ By Muay Farang (1)The Omnoi Stadium or Siam Boxing Stadium, is the fourth most important Stadium in Thailand, after Lumpinee St., Rajadamnern St. and Channel 7 St.

Once a week (every Saturday) the Omnoi Stadium organize and live broadcasts Muay Thai events on Thai TV “Channel 3”.

The origins:

The stadium named Omnoi Stadium, opened in 1984 in Bangkok’s province Samut Prakan. Since the Stadium was always overcrowded and got more popular, on  1987 started the constructions of a new building in the Samut Sakhon province (Petchkasem Road). The goal was also to compete with the biggest brothers Raja and Lumpinee Stadium.

The stadium was renamed in Siam Boxing Stadium but today it’s still called Omnoi Stadium.

Omnoi - Siam Boxing Stadium_ By Muay Farang (4)Curiosity:

Ms. Damrong Phutan was the first woman to be let comment a Muay Thai event.

Since the stadium opened to 1990 the live TV broadcast was managed by Thai TV Channel 9; from 1993 to today Channel 3 manages the live broadcast.

Stadium Founder: 

Mr. Manop Horpresenrtkit, Mr. Damrong Phutan & Mr. Phaibuun Kaennakhum

Omnoi - Siam Boxing Stadium_ By Muay Farang (3)Data:

President: Khun Phachon Uipathorn

Director Manager: Khun Thalern Yuubamrung

Stadium Chief: Khun Theerayut Horpresertkit



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