For those who want to train for fighting

For those who want to train for fighting

The VIP001 package includes:

1) Room with Queen sized bed in a the Resort-Camp with swimming pool (cleaning and sheets/towel change service included)

2)Daily meals with a healthy menu studied for athletes: Breakfast, Lunch (take away on request) and Dinner.

3) Muay Thai training at the camp: 2 session per day. For who is interested, the price includes Western Boxing training.

The package does not include :

– Transfer from the Airport to the camp. On request we can organize a taxi service from the airport. Usually the taxi stands at the exit with a Muay Farang panel and will take you to destination in an easy and cheap way compared to what you will be offered at the Airport.

Personal stuff for training. Details of what is needed below:

1) Boxing Gloves (proper to hit the bag and pads)

2) Shin guards

3) Muay Thai shorts or proper shorts

4) Hand wraps

5) Mouth guard

6) Groin guard

We also suggest :

7) Personal water bottle

8) Electrolytes ( it is very important to re-hydrate your body with minerals as well due to the heat)

9) Whey Protein

Mathias uses a product that is a little expensive but works very well, which is this:

Whey protein


If you would like to buy these contact:


Our online shop has shorts, t-shirts and hand wraps. You can order them and collect them here at your arrival with no shipping expenses

Gloves, shin guards etc. are necessary before starting the training therefore they can be purchased here at arrival.

(Which Muay Thai equipments you should need to purchase (guide))

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  • George

    I realy like the vip1 package I would like to know about the prices please! Everything looks very nice! Thank you