Breaking News: Will Muay Thai be called only “Muay”?

Breaking News: Will Muay Thai be called only “Muay”?


Something revolutionary is happening in Thailand in these days, in fact the president of the Muay Thai Amateur of Thailand, with the patronage of  prince Mr. Sakchai, called all the interested persons for an urgent meeting (held on 12/10/2015) at TAT offices, to bring their attention to an international attack made to destroy the Muay Thai culture and tradition, intended as national sport, tradition and Thai culture.

These are the 3 points of the WMF management, considered dangerous by Thai authorities:

1) Muay Thai will be presented with the new name ‘Muay‘, and so removing Thai from the name
2) Mongkon & Way Kru will be removed from competitions
3) Arbitrage in english language and not anymore in Thai
You will ask yourself the reason of this drastic change and why the WMF dares so much. Well, for some experts of Bangkok including the known Manager Roberto Gallo Cassarino, the reason could be linked to the minimum requirements to bring this sport (Muay Thai or Muay, however you want to call it) to the Olympic Games.
Further informations about the outcome of this meeting will be realeased soon only for readers.

Chok Dee

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