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What Muay Farang offers to advertisers

Visibility in a fast growing website in 5 languages and thanks to News from the whole World, and especially from Thailand,  involves the majority of fans and combat sport professionists, especially the one of the International Muay Thai.

Adverts on the Home Page offers a guaranteed visibility and the numerous types of purchasable banners can satisfy every clients needs. For all new advertisers, we offer  for free a professional graphic banner creation to integrate with the website pages layout, to give the utmost clarity and communication effectiveness.

Offer valid until June 2016
Small Header (small space on top that slides)

50€/Month – 420€/Year (Disc.30%)

Large Footer (space on the website footer)

100€/Month – 720€/Year (Disc. 40%)

Sidebar Sponsor (4 lateral spaces on the right)

200€/Month – 1200€/Year (Disc.50%)

Main Sponsor (big picture on Home page):

Let’s Talk!

Every advert can link to an external website of the customer or a dedicated page that can be created for the price of 300 € – Example of dedicated page 

Extra serivices:

Photoshoot with some boxers of the Team: 150 €

Dedicated video with some boxers of the Team: 1000 € – Video example

Photoshoot with Mathias: 300 € – Example

Dedicated video with Mathias: 2000 €

For questions or specific requests please write to or use the contact form (Contact Form)

Publicidade Lista de Preços
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Gian Carlo Corba (Ginga)

Main author, photographer/videomaker, Graphic Designer Etc at Muay Farang Co. Ltd
(English) Gian Carlo Corba, born in South Africa from Italian descendants, moved to Italy when he was 2; after he finished high school in Turin (Italy) he then and then grew up in Pattaya (Thailand).The main author of MF blog articles. Together with Roberto and Mathias Gallo Cassarino he founded the Muay Farang website and group. Fighter profile - View profile - Bio/Personal Blog
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