Buakaw Saga: The SAT investigates

Buakaw Saga: The SAT investigates


The case about Buakaw gets more complicated, that after the “Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT)” said it will investigate about what happend.
Everybody knows Buakaw left the ring before the verdict and all the later statements (who wants to know more can read these News – News – and watch the Video).
The news is about SAT vice governor Mr. Sakol Wannapong, who stated “We permitted the organization to hold the show and the promoters were allowed to put on only a Muay Thai show. I’m surprised that Buakaw and Kehl fought under K-1 rules. All other combat sports like MMA and K-1 are our National sport competitors.
The french Antoine Pinto, who since a few years only fights for Thai Fight, stated on the social networks that he was disappointed by Buakaw’s action which caused damage to Muay Thai.
He also said that he has another idea about Buakaw’s statement in which he said that he left the ring to protect Muay Thai, in fact Antoine says thinks that “What he did wasn’t for Muay Thai, it was only for himself“.
Buakaw has certainly did a very important work to make Muay Thai famous all other the world.
Antoine’s critics such as the ones of other Muay Thai paladins, even if are reasonable, looks like they are more for self promotion rather then “true” love for Muay Thai.
For example the Pintos, at a time they were protagonists of the “real” Muay Thai of the big stadiums like Lumpinee and today they only show up on Thai Fight events, with a “glamour” role and with this we mean the seduction of the audience, which is mainly composed by young and old asiatic female fans. We don’t event blame them, since this road pays more then the “real” Muay Thai and nak muays must survive with dignity, after all the sacrifices they make.
Buakaw in the last years has been in the been in the middle of many disputes, such as the one with Por Pramuk and the one with Thai Fight.
In any case Buakaw reamains the Muay Thai icon and is the only nak muay to be known in every angle of the world.
As we said before, looks like Muay Thai paladins of the last hour, are trying to self promote themselves rather than defending the real Muay Thai.
As Buakaw said in a our interview in 2012 (Link), he doesn’t define himself as number one, but it’s the people who defining him that way, and this story proves it.
There must be reason why, nobody talks about the new K-1 champion Enriko Kehl, but everybody talks about the defeated Buakaw.
Now we’ll see what the SAT via Mr.Sakol will do, but the game has finished already and if we like it or not Kehl is the new K-1 Champion, and what people want to know about Buakaw will be seen on the ring of TopKing World Series, event that will take place in France on 15th November (News).

Photo credits: Thananuwat Srirasant (Getty Images)  / Source: Publishing PCL. All rights reserved link:http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/sports/437859/thai-authorities-to-investigate-buakaw-saga 

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