Card: Buakaw, Kraus, Pashporin, Nagbe etc at Kunlun Fight 39 – China – 20/03/2016

Card: Buakaw, Kraus, Pashporin, Nagbe etc at Kunlun Fight 39 – China – 20/03/2016


buakaw-banchamek-kraus-pashporin-nagbe-kunlun-fight-39-china-20316-()The brand new Chinese Kickboxing promotion Kunlun Fight, continues to put up shows characterized by amazing cards and big names.

In fact, after not even 2 years of presence, the Kunlun Fight management has already organized 38 world shows, increasing its brand name event after event, that’s why nowadays eny Kickboxing or Muay Thai expert knows this name.

After the big success of the last edition (KF 38), that took place in Pattaya (Thailand) on 21st February 2016 (CardVideo/results), the organization has set the date for the 39th event that will take place in Dongguan, China on 20th March 2016 and as usual it will feature an amazing card with great names such as:

Buakaw Banchamek, Albert Kraus, Artem Pashporin, Victor Nagbe, Seyedisa Alamdar etc.



  • Buakaw Banchamek vs Ling Feng (China)-70kg
  • Albert Kraus (NL) vs Liu Ming (China) -72kg
  • Ning hui (China) vs Khupenia Giorgi (Georgia) -64kg
  • Kim Minsoo (Korea) vs Deng Li (China) -67kg
  • Nikolay Gusniev vs Yang Yu -95kg

Kunlun Fight 2016 -70kg World Championship (Group C):

  • 1st semifinal: Artem Pashporin (Russia) vs Victor Nagbe (Australia)
  • 2nd semifinal: Mohammed El-Mir (Denmark) vs Lee Zhuangzhuang (China)

Kunlun Fight 2016 -70kg World Championship (Group D):

  • 1st semifinal: Takuma Konishi (Japan) vs Zhao Shuai (China)
  • 2nd semifinal: Mustafa Lakhsem (Ireland) vs Seyedisa Alamdmezam (Iran)


  • Nilson Pereira (Brazil) vs Wu Tyein (China) -60kg
  • Zhang Mei Xuan (China)  vs TBA -56kg
  • Karla Benitez (Venezuela) vs Tang Jin (China) -58kg

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