Chantal Ughi

Chantal Ughi


CHANTAL UGHI  Nationality: Dual: Italy/France

preferred weight 63.5 kilos/140 pounds stance: Orthodox. Discipline: Muay thai. Style: Knee (Muay khao)

Muay thai record (A class)


53 Fights 38 Wins 16 KO

-3 X World champion Muay thai pro W.P.M.F e WMA

-1 x World champion WMF pro am 2012, Bangkok

-Gold medal Prince Cup WMF, Bangkok 2008

-Bronze medal @ WMF World championships, Bangkok 2010

-1 x champion WKA amateur Nord America 2006

-2 x World champion WTKA amateur Muay thai e K1

-Muay Thai Premiere League, WMC, IMTF e ISKA contender

notable opponents:

-Jorina Baars(IMTF European Title 2009 lost by Split decision)

-Julie Kitchen, Ielo Page(Win WMA World Title), Miriam Nakamoto, Purahong SitJadaeng (Win by TKO rd3), Tainara Lisboa, Petslotcha Luiksakovin


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